Wireless Control light system---2013 up to date electric network WL 201

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electric network
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-20 ℃ To 55℃
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3 years
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  Wireless Control light system---2013 up to date electric network WL 201



WL-201 (Zigbee Network Controller)


1.Brief introduction- electric network

I. Brief introduction about Wireless control light system

i)Wireless control light system is composed by hardware and software. Main hardware components include: WL-101 WL-102 WL-201 WL-301 and WL-401 that develop based on IEEE 802.15.4 and works at 2.4GHz ISM Frequency band to wireless control Zigbee network.

ii) WL-101, WL-102, WL-201 could control WL-301 or WL-401 while WL-301 or WL-401 could control dimmable driver.

iii) WL-101, WL-102, WL-201 and WL-301 or WL-401, could set up a network individually, could set up a network by part components, even could set up a network by all. It can be used to realize dimming light by Wall dimmer, remote controller, PC or smartphones with Android system etc. There are many WL-101 WL-102 in a network.

Remark: If no PC or smartphone, you could use dimmer or remote controller to dim by WL-101 or WL-102 matched with WL-301(WL-401) only. WL-101,WL-201, WL-301, WL401 could set up network individually but WL-102 could not set up and join set-up network only!

II. Brief introduction about Zigbee Network Controller WL-201

i)WL-201 is the core component for wireless control system to achieve to control the lighting by PC, Smart-phone, and needs to work with the lighting control software. The software for lighting control including 3 versions as below: 

a) Version 1: WLS-V1.0 ( For Windows)

      b)   Version 2: WLS-V 2.0( For Android)

      c) Version 3. Wireless Home ( For IPAD, and IPHONE, Download from ITUNES STORE)

ii) WL-201 must work together with our other dimming components WL-301 or WL-401. Its main function is to receive WIFI Instruction Signal from PC, IPAD, IPHONE and other smartphones and transmits these signals to 0-10V controller WL-401 or TRIAC dimmer WL-301 for implementation.


2.Description about each part of WL-201


3.Environmental and electrical parameters


Model: WL-201                  

Input Voltage


transmission distance




Wireless protocol

Zigbee 2007 Pro

Network topology

Mesh network(Multi hop)

Secret security


Maximum node of network


Operating Temperature

-20ºC To 55 ºC


4.System Drawing:





5.Instructions about WL-201

Before installation and use, WL-201 must be set up a network with other components(a network could many WL-101, WL-102, WL-301 or WL-401). How to set up network and How to pair? Detail information as below:

I) set up network—the first method

i) Before setting up network, all components must be at initialization, nether setting up nor joining other network (All devices are default initialization- indicator light flashes, except for customer’s special request);

ii) All components must be electrified;

iii) Short press TEST key(1-2 seconds), LED indicator light will be on from flicker and it means that network has been set up successfully;

iv) Short press TEST key(1-2 seconds), release. At the same time, LED indicator light will flash. It means that 30 seconds allowing enter pattern has been opened . During these 30 seconds, other Inital devices could be joined this network automatically. All components indicator light will be on after finished joining network successfully. Allowing enter patternwill be turned off automatically.  You will do this operation again if other devices will join.

Remark: Make sure that there isn’t other Zigbee Network existence, or if existed, there is no controller with allowing enter pattern.

II) set up network—the second method

Setting up network could be operated by software!

Install matching software in Phone Cell or Computer;

PC software: Click administrator button in the main interface, enter administrator interface after password verification is OK (the default code is “ admin”) then click Zigbee network to enter Zigbee network interface;

Phone cell software: Click setting button in main interface amd enter Zigbee network interface by clicking Zigbee network;      

Click set-up network botton, a Zigbee network has been set up

Click allowing enter botton, there is 30 seconds allowing enter pattern. During these 30 seconds, other Inital devices (such as TRIAC dimmer WL-301 or 0-10V Controller WL-401)could be joined auotmatically. Allowing enter patternwill be turned off automatically and indicator will become on after 30 seconds. you will do this operation again if other devices will join.

Click search botton, there are many new equipments to to be auto-report to the terminal software--Phone cell or PC.

Remark: 1)All Zigbee Network Controller are default initialization, nether form nor joined network( except for customer’s sepcial request); indicator light will flash if it is not set up or joined network; 2) All Zigbee devices must be in the same network to communicate with each other; 3) make sure there must be no other Zigbee network around or existance Zigbee network with non- allowing enter pattern.


6.How to restore factory settings—remove network?

When a controller WL-401 has been in network ( its LED indicator light is on), if it is joined to a new network, please remove the original network information firstly!.

a)Turn off power;

b)Press TEST Key and trun on agin;

c)Keep pressing TEST Key about 3 seconds, remove all original network information. WL-201 blue indicator light will flash quickly.

Remark: if there is other devices with allowing enter pattern in other network, this controller will join this network automatically.



Power adapter: 1pc;   RJ45 web cable: 1pc


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